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THE CATALOGUE - The Electronic Catalogue

The Catalogue Silca I Am New

THE CATALOGUE is the most complete online Silca data source.
THE CATALOGUE is not only the most complete key blanks database online, it offers today vehicle keys, residential remotes and complementary products.  Just register (it’s free!) and you’ll have access to more than 60000 keys - yes, sixty thousand! - loaded with every kind of information you need and more.

All your personal info and data inserted in (i.e. key range, prices, hook position…) are accessible at any time with THE CATALOGUE.

If you are not registered, don’t wait, register now!​​​​​​​

THE CATALOGUE - Mobile, Tablet & Web Edition

The Catalogue Silca

The Catalogue Web has been optimised in order to be used on your and any smartphone!
Connect to  Mobile from your smartphone using your EKC login and password, it's very easy.

If you are not registered, don’t wait, register now!

Video Presentation & Tutorial 

Video - The Catalogue Silca

The Catalogue Silca FAQ

  • How to set a new password if you forgot it (file PDF)