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Proximity and Remote Car Keys

The Silca-Proximity and Remote Car Keys have a similar design as the original keys and are supplied ready-to-programme with the PCB, transponder and emergency or flip blade included. The keys can be programmed with Advanced Diagnostics devices. The keys are packed individually in a plastic clamshell for easy identification and hook display.


Product details

The range of Silca Proximity and Remote Car Keys currently includes:

  • six references for Ford® models (FO21R10, HU101R10, HU198P14, HU198P15, HU101R15, HU101AR24);
  • two references for Jeep® models (CY24P21 and SIP22P40);
  • six references for Opel® models (HU100AR02, HU100R02, HU100R01, HU100R23, HU100R26, HU100AR12);
  • one reference for Land Rover® (HU188S16);
  • one reference for Volkswagen Group® (HU66R09);
  • one reference for BMW® models (HU131RS05);
  • one reference for Volvo® models (HU152S16);
  • six references for Renault® (VA150S13, VA150S15, VA150S21, VA2P26, VA2R01, VA150S19);
  • four references for Nissan® models (NSN14P04, NSN14P01, NSN14R14, NSN14P30);
  • three references for Fiat® models (SIP22R01, SIP22R07 and SIP22P36);
  • one reference for Suzuki® (HU133RR18-19);
  •  two references for Smart® (YM23R20, VA2R13);
  • three references for PSA® (VAR16, HU83R21, VA-P25);
  • one reference for Mini® (HU200S22);
  • two references for Hyundai® (KIA8P28 and KIA8R32);
  • one reference for Mazda® (MAZ25RP31-32);
  • two references for Dacia®, Nissan®, Renault®, Opel® (RN-N01R11 and RNR01);
  • one reference for Dacia®, Renault® (RNR01);
  • one reference for Kia® (KIA8R28);
  • one reference for Alfa Romeo® (GT21P27);
  • one reference for Mercedes® (HU106S23).

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