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MYKEYS Safe, digitizes the duplication of keys

With MYKEYS Safe you can scan and create a digital version of your keys to get the duplicate wherever you are.

How does MYKEYS Safe work?

  1. Download the App;
  2. Go to a Silca retailer enabled for the service and bring your keys;    
  3. The retailer will create a "digital scan" of your keys;    
  4. The "digital scan" (or unique code) will be sent to your App;    
  5. You will be able to create a duplicate of the key by simply showing the code from the App.    

If the question strikes you: what should I do if I lose the car keys? What to do when you lose your house keys? Now you have one answer: MYKEYS Safe.


With this revolutionary App you can duplicate your house or vehicle keys wherever you are, or even send the digital version of the key to your children or loved ones so that they can create their duplicate.

Click on the links to download MYKEYS Organizer app from Google PlayTM or App StoreTM :

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