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MYKEYS Organizer

Ready to manage your keys digitally?

Download MYKEYS Organizer
Change the way you open and close everything you care about, without limitation.

The MYKEYS Organizer app is a safe and easy to use ally. How it works?

  1. Download the application
  2. Create your account
  3. Photograph and store your keys
  4. Label each key and, if you wish, group them into decks
  5. Recognize them in an instant and especially try it now: the first three keys are free


Register the first three keys for free with MYKEYS Organizer

  • No need to check all the keys before finding the right one
  • No more doubts about identifying the lock key, gas meter, mailbox or anything else
  • No more keys at the bottom of the drawers because you do not remember what they opened

Click on the links to download MYKEYS Organizer app from Google PlayTM or App StoreTM :

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