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Silca strives to support you in your everyday work with a vast array of resources available for free online. This way, you will keep our long-established expertise at hand anytime, anywhere.

Silca Shop Network

The Silca Shop Network is a search tool designed for customers who want to find quickly and easily a key cutting service able to duplicate their keys. Entering this network with your contact details ensures you will increase your visibility, showcase your activity, and boost your brand. So far, we have developed networks in Italy (, France ( and the UK (

Silca Shop

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The Catalogue Silca

THE CATALOGUE - The Electronic Catalogue

THE CATALOGUE is not only the most complete key blanks database online, it offers today vehicle keys, residential remotes and...

My Silca App

MySilca App

Silca has developed a mobile app, supported by Android and iOs systems, to help you keep our entire expertise and database at your...

Silca Youtube Channel

YouTube Channel

On our YouTube Channel you will find a mix of tutorial videos to help you tackle the daily challenges of your working with our...