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Our Company - Silca Automotive

At Silca, we are honored to have tracked important records providing Auto and Lock Industry and our Worldwide Partners with professional, advanced and customized solutions to duplicate, clone and program vehicle keys.
Being one of the larger and trusted world manufacturing of any key type and use
 we produce through certified processes (ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 - Automotive Keys), utilizing premium quality materials and alloys, and inhouse designed industrial key working centers. We produce and market, under the Advanced Diagnostics brand (Silca & Advanced Diagnostics), the latest generation devices for vehicle keys programming.

Our goal is to offer unique solutions in duplicating, cloning and programming vehicle keys through forefront technologies and user-friendly solutions assisting and supporting Automotive Professionals, Car Service Centers, Car Rent and Workshops, and Auto Locksmiths in their daily work. Our extensive product range (The Automotive Products Range) it is designed to fit professional in store vehicle service assistance centers as well as mobile autolocksmithing services. Our expertise and point of sale supports materials offer a great base to perform your Automotive Business Service.

Silca Automotive it is not just a trade name, but rather a comprehensive approach to the world surrounding the Automotive services characterized by a constant and intense dedication to product engineering, highly performing services and scalable innovative solutions. Safeguard with us your investment in technology and your automotive business growth


About Silca

Silca is a company of the Kaba Group operating within the Key Systems Division. Silca serves customers based in EMEA, Asia Pacific...


Worldwide Partner

Kaba Key Systems Division is the #1 World Provider of Automotive Solutions, Keys and Key Cutting Machines. Silca represents a flagship...


Why Silca

Silca’s established expertise stems from a few key factors we are proud to guarantee: we manufacture the products we sell.



Silca has strengthen over time its Quality System, which now conforms with international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 16949:2016...


Automotive Market

While reading, over one billion cars worldwide are started by means of a vehicle key. But the key duplication refers to motorbikes...