ADC222 Force Ignition Tool


Force Ignition Tool ADC222

The Force Ignition Tool from Advanced Diagnostics provides auto locksmiths the ability to force the ignition on various makes and models that include Audi®, Volkswagen®, Seat® and Škoda® vehicles via the OBD socket when a key is unavailable.


  • The Force Ignition Tool is a versatile plug and play tool.
  • Simply plug it into the vehicle’s OBD port and then plug your ADC250 master cable and Pro tester into the ADC222. When you press ON, the ADC222 automatically supplies an ignition feed via the OBD socket without the need for a key.
  • The locksmith can read the pincode with the MVP Pro or AD100 Pro prior to cutting a key.

Technical Data

  • 16 pin OBD connector
  • ADC250 connector
  • No external power source required
  • Compatible with MVP Pro and AD100 Pro key programmers
  • Connects to vehicle via OBD Socket
  • Ignition on allows for pincode reading (selected vehicles)